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What Is Homeschooling on a Loop Schedule?

Create a homeschool that flows easily by using a simple loop schedule to get all the learning in without the overwhelm.

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Creating a good flow in your homeschool is essential when you want to nurture a love of learning while keeping your sanity.

When your new to homeschooling it can be completely overwhelming to teach so many subjects and the pressure to do it all can be very stressful.

There is math to learn, books to read, writing, and science, history, art, music, plus second languages and more, which is a recipe for burn out.

The good news is you don't have to cram every subject into each day.

With a loop schedule you can simply create a routine that allows you to easily pick up where you left off.

How To Schedule Your Homeschool Day To Create Flow?

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Create your own flow and get through all the essential subjects by creating a loop schedule instead of assigning particular subjects to each day of the week.

With a loop schedule you simply select the subjects you want to teach then rotate through them looping from one subject to the next.

With this mentality you can avoid the stress of playing catch up when life happens and you have to abandon school for the day.

Now when days arrive and they will that homeschooling just isn't in the cards as you planned you simply pick up where you left off and keep it moving forward.

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A Loop Schedule for Homeschool May Look Like This

Of course each schedule is going to be different, but having a loop schedule makes homeschooling more flexible and even more productive than having a more rigid routine that assigns subjects to particular days of the week.

10 Subject Homeschool Loop Schedule Example:

Math - Science - Reading - History - Writing - Spelling - Spanish - Art - Music - Geography - Repeat


Spelling - Art - Writing - History - Math - Geography - Reading - Music - Science - PE - Repeat

With this layout you simply rotate through the subjects regardless of what day of the week it is.

Verses holding yourself to the pressure of every Monday we do math each Tuesday is science and so on.

By aiming to do 2 subjects each day you can teach 10 subjects a week, however, don't feel the pressure of having to teach so many subjects.

You could minimize your loop schedule to just basic core subjects supplementing educational videos and documentaries to cover other subjects.

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Basic Core Subjects Loop Schedule Example:

Math - Read - Writing - Spelling - Repeat

This simple mindset shift may not seem like much advise, but trust me when your in the depths of homeschooling this simple tweak in your approach can mean everything because things will come up and throw your schedule off course along the way.

When that happens you can find yourself missing a subject for days and this leads falling behind then the overwhelm creeps in and self doubt making you question can you really do this?

Yes you can!

Having loop schedule gives you the grace you need in your homeschool and provides the flexibility that is required to successfully run a homeschool while maintaining a home and your sanity.

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How To Homeschool Your Kids Without Being Overwhelmed?

Homeschooling your children doesn't have to be overwhelming it just requires a little planning, grace, and the ability to simply go with the flow.

Don't pressure yourself to do all the things at once and give yourself grace to learn and adjust along the way.

Each year your homeschool will look different and that is ok because as your family evolves so will your homeschool.

The best advise for homeschooling is to simply find the flow that fits your family best and a loop schedule can help you do just that.

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