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What is good homemaking

What Is Good Homemaking?

Being a homemaker is a full time role that requires an assortment of homemaking skills to build a home of joy and comfort.

Our goal at Cultivate Simple Delights is to provide stay at home moms with the encouragement to begin learning simple homemaking skills that can help them find a life of purpose.

Here you will find simple self care routines for homemakers, tips for finding purpose as a stay at home mom, homemaking skills to learn, and homemade meals to make at home for a family.

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About The Creator of Cultivate Simple Delights

I am Leslie, the creator of Cultivate Simple Delights lifestyle blog. I created this blog with the inspiration of encouraging stay at home moms to pursue a life of balance. 

My first life passion was horses and I attained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Equestrian Studies and was recognized by the Certified Horsemanship Association as a Level 4 Riding Instructor.


After pursuing that for a number of years and becoming a stay at home mom, I began searching for new passions in life and creating a lifestyle built around intentional living.

Now I am a Wife, a Mother, a Homeschool Educator, a Horseback Riding Instructor, Lifestyle Blogger, A Profound Foodie, and a cliché Chicken Lady with a huge passion for gardening hoping to provide moms with a source of homemaking inspiration and encouragement as we walk through the journey of motherhood together! 

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