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List of 35 Mix & Match Items for a Fall Self Care Box

Create the perfect self care basket for her with these simple self care ideas to show her how much you care!

self care basket ideas for her

Personal Care Gift Basket Ideas

With Fall fast approaching, now is the perfect time to begin preparing a simple self care box. Have no reservations making this basket of goodies for yourself to enjoy on cool Fall days when your in need of a little extra self care.

Creating a self care box is the perfect way to ensure having those simple delights on hand for those days you could use a little extra pick me up.

self-care basket ideas

Self Care Gift Set Ideas

35 Simple Mix & Match Self Care Ideas:

  1. Exotic Tea Blends

  2. Cozy Socks

  3. Coloring Book

  4. Vibrant Markers

  5. Body Moisturizer

  6. Lip Balm

  7. Dark Chocolates

  8. Massage Rocks

  9. Fresh Coffee Blends

  10. Manicure Set

  11. Sleeping Eye Mask

  12. A New Planner

  13. A Goal Written Out

  14. Fancy Pens

  15. A New Journal

  16. Potpourri

  17. Scented Candles

  18. Healing Crystals

  19. Essential Oils

  20. Tarot Cards

  21. Face Masks

  22. Nail Polish

  23. An Affirmations Book

  24. A Picture of Something You Love

  25. Vitamins

  26. Fall Garden Seeds

  27. A Motivational Water Bottle

  28. A New Book

  29. Soft Slippers

  30. Bath Spa Items

  31. A Crochet Set

  32. Incense

  33. A Dry Skin Brush

  34. Painting Supplies

  35. Hand Crafted Soaps

self care gift hamper ideas

Things To Put In A Self Care Gift Basket

Self care is an essential practice everyone should implement to maintain physical and mental well being, especially in the colder months when you may find yourself struggling with the change in temperatures and a lack of sunlight.

Simply mix and match these self care items to create a unique self care box that speaks to you.

Fall creates a perfect opportunity to go within and to create a routine around healing and maintaining a life full of joy and happiness with a simple self care box you can cultivate simple delights that bring joy to life.


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