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Top Baby First Foods Vegetable List 4-6 Month Old

Begin your infants journey towards developing healthy eating habits with our top baby first foods vegetable list for feeding your little one homemade baby food.

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When you begin introducing new foods to your baby you want to make sure to serve foods that are soft, easy to swallow, and space new ingredients at least 3 days in between to have time to notice any reactions to specific types of foods.

As your baby gains experience you can continue introducing new flavors and offer thicker textures that are appropriate for your baby's eating level.

Beginning with vegetables is a good strategy for getting your baby use to the taste and texture of veggies.

Often when infants are introduced to fruit before vegetables they can tend to prefer the sweet taste of fruit over the fibrous taste of vegetables, which is why you should consider starting with veggies first.

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How to Make Your Own Baby Food Vegetables?

Making your own baby food from vegetables is super easy and can be done quickly with minimal effort.

Most vegetable purees will last up to 3 days, but you can also freeze your purees to maintain their freshness using an ice cube tray then just reheat as needed.

To make your own baby food from vegetables begin by selecting a few ingredients to introduce from our vegetable list.

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Baby First Foods Vegetable List 4-6 Month Old

Vegetables offer a wide variety of flavors and textures to introduce your 4-6 month old as a first food.

By introducing these vegetables to your little one you will be giving them a healthy start to building good eating habits that will last a life time.

Vegetables to Steam:






Corn Kernels


Vegetables to Roast:

Sweet Potato

Butternut Squash


Spaghetti Squash


Yellow Squash



Vegetables to Boil:


These are the easiest cooking techniques for preparing your own flavorful homemade baby food with vegetables, but experiment and find what suits you the best.

Choose a cooking technique that works best for you whether you decide to steam, boil, or oven roast just ensure that your vegetables are cooked until completely softened.

Once you have softened vegetables you just simply blend until it is a smooth consistency adding liquid stock, water, or even breastmilk to your purees to give them a smooth texture your baby will enjoy.

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How To Make Your Own Natural Baby Food?

Making your own natural baby food is easy to do with just a few ingredients and simple cooking techniques you can make your own homemade baby food using organic produce.

With this list of baby first foods vegetables you can begin developing good eating habits by getting your baby use to the flavors and textures of vegetables.

Once your baby has been introduced to a variety of vegetables you can begin introducing fruits and proteins then pairing ingredients together to create wholesome baby food meals you just can't get in the store.

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