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37 Brilliant Ways for Moms to Relax

Need a way to relax now that your a mom? Check out 37 brilliant ways to relax with simple habit ideas for restoring your mental wellness and decreasing daily stress.

ways for moms to relax

Scan over yourself. Is your jaw clenched? Do you feel a tightness through your back with a neck that is stiff? Do you feel like your in a fog with low levels of energy just struggling to make it through the day?

Motherhood can leave you feeling just plain exhausted with the daily demands that come from caring for children and moms are often left feeling overwhelmed, irritated, and just plain stressed.

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ways for moms to relax

The build up of stress doesn't just effect our daily habits and routines, but it can have a negative impact on our overall health and the health of the relationships we hold dear to our hearts.

Many times when we feel like we are no longer living and just simply existing going through the motions of motherhood, it is time to simply fall back and allow yourself to relax.

To take the pressure off yourself. A moment to give yourself grace and a time to simply reflect.

ways for moms to relax

Accept that the to do list is never going to end!

The demands will still be there tomorrow along with the tantrums, dishes, and stress of cooking all. day. long.

The only difference is you now have the energy to fulfill the demands because you yourself are now fulfilled.

Follow along to discover ways to relax and be sure to also check out 60 Brilliant Creative Outlets for Stay at Home Moms

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ways for moms to relax

We must find ways for moms to relax!

Allow yourself time each week to just simply relax. Create time for yourself. You matter too! You need to have time for yourself to enjoy the things in life that allow you to feel fulfilled and happy.

When you make time for yourself you are not being selfish.

You are creating a memorable role model that illustrates for her children the importance of self care.

Finding ways for moms to relax is essential in motherhood because moms Bring Joy to Life.

Moms are the heart of the home. A mother that feels appreciated, accomplished, and fulfilled can pour so much love into her family and that my friend is a beautiful thing.

ways for moms to relax

How to Cope with Parenting Stress

Being a stay at home mom can easily lead to burnout from a build up of parenting stress.

Let's face it, it is very difficult to be at home with your children day after day. The constant "to do's" can leave us feeling like failures. Combine that with the demands of children and you have a recipe for stress.

These days stay at home moms also find themselves showing up for the demands of parenthood alone and often isolated.

It can feel like motherhood has stolen their identity. The stress can feel so overwhelming that moms often find themselves unmotivated and many may even find themselves feeling depressed and anxious.

ways for moms to relax

The good news is that you can do something about it. You don't have to let motherhood consume you and you can find easy activities to help combat the stress of parenting.

By building self care habits into your daily schedule, you can create time to decompress and reflect. By turning inwards we can find time for reflection and guidance from our hearts desire as to what direction we need to journey towards.

ways for moms to relax

This may look like a daily morning ritual of gratitude and self care through better fitness habits or perhaps you finally gain the motivation to start a new project.

Maybe you decide to take time to build onto your career skills by signing up for a new course or perhaps you begin learning about better nutrition and this leads to a passion for gardening.

ways for moms to relax

You see the key to combating parenting stress it to allow yourself to make time for You!

To lower your expectations and to simply move through parenting one day at a time. To understand and accept that you don't have control over everything, but you can control yourself and the role model you portray for your children.

You can display the importance of self care and teach your children how to pursue life by simply doing it yourself and this is the one key to coping with parenting stress.

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ways for moms to relax

Overcome Stress with 37 Brilliant Ways for Stay at Home Moms to Relax:

  1. Exercise

  2. Nature

  3. Sleep

  4. Sex

  5. Guide Mediation Videos

  6. Swimming

  7. Cold Showers

  8. Singing

  9. Dancing

  10. A Day Away

  11. Garden

  12. Walking

  13. Tea

  14. Friends

  15. Coloring

  16. Motivational Speeches

  17. Splurge on Flowers

  18. Coffee

  19. Gratitude

  20. Silence

  21. Breath Work

  22. Practice a Hobby

  23. Lower Expectations

  24. Massage

  25. Writing

  26. Focus on Nutrition

  27. Bath

  28. Painting

  29. Music

  30. Reading

  31. Candles

  32. Essential Oils

  33. Digital Detox

  34. Water

  35. Lotions

  36. Spa Products

  37. Create New Habits

Use these relaxing activities to combat the daily stress of being a stay at home mom by finding new ways to relax throughout the day and week.

ways for moms to relax

Learn to create pockets of time for the things you enjoy!

Whether it is a five minute morning routine that leaves you feeling refreshed or an hour long adventure on the weekend to indulge in alone time, make pockets of time for You!

Take time for relaxation, but also indulge in reclaiming your identity by learning new skills and put effort towards accomplishing your own personal goals.

Knowing that in the midst of motherhood, it is perfectly ok to reinvent yourself and to build back your identity through one self care act at a time.

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