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How to Make a Nourish Bowl For Moms with These Endless Recipe Combinations

Make a nourish bowl for moms with these easy to make endless recipe combinations for creating healthy lunch ideas just for mom.

how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Jumpstart your nutrition with low calorie and nutrient dense nourish bowl recipes that are perfect for creating healthy lunches for stay at home moms. Nourish bowls can provide an endless combination of healthy foods to help kickstart your fitness journey.

Learn how to make the perfect quick lunch for busy stay at home moms with these endless nourish bowl recipe combinations!

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how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Easy Nourish Bowl Recipe Ideas

- BBQ Chicken/ Sweet Potato/ Broccoli/ Chickpeas

- Grilled Chicken/ Black Beans/ Corn/ Iceberg Lettuce/ Salsa

- Grilled Steak/ Peppers/ Rice/ Spinach

- BBQ Chicken/ Pineapples/ Rice/ Sweet Potato

how to make a nourish bowl for moms

- Grilled Chicken/ Rice/ Chickpeas/ Zucchini/ Tzatziki

- Romain/ Tuna/ Avocado/ Roasted Potatoes/ Chickpeas

- Salmon/ Roasted Potatoes/ Green Beans/ Carrots

- Shrimp/ Rice/ Avocado/ Cucumbers/ Carrots/ Soy Sauce/ Wasabi

- Spinach/ Hard Boiled Eggs/ Cucumbers/ Carrots/ Avocado/ Roasted Sweet Potato

how to make a nourish bowl for moms

- Black Beans/ Sweet Potato/ Corn/ Iceberg Lettuce/ Salsa

- Ground Turkey/ Rice/ Broccoli/ Carrots/ Soy Sauce

- Spinach/ Chicken peas/ Sweet Potatoes/ Carrots/ Cucumbers/ Mushrooms

- Spinach/ Quinoa / Zucchini/ Yellow Squash/ Roasted Potatoes/ Mushrooms

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how to make a nourish bowl for moms

What to Meal Prep for Nourish Bowls?

Make healthy eating easy with once a week dedication to a simple meal prepping schedule for cooking all the staple ingredients needed for creating perfect nourish bowl recipes in no time.

Foods to Meal Prep for Endless Nourish Bowl Recipe Ideas

- Wash Produce

- Boil Eggs

- Grill Chicken

- Grill Steak

- Steam Shrimp

- Heat Beans

- Cook Grains

- Roast Vegetables

With just an hour of meal prep once a week, you can ensure having staple ingredients ready to go for creating delicious nourish bowl recipe combinations for endless lunch and dinner ideas for stay at home moms.

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how to make a nourish bowl for moms

How to Make a Easy Nourish Bowls

Nourish bowls are super easy to make and you can use ingredients you already have on hand. These recipes are a great choice for using left over produce and they pack a nutritional punch that can be low in calorie and high in nutrients for moms interested in healthy and convenient meal options.

how to make a nourish bowl for moms

How to Build the Perfect Nourish Bowl?

Choose a Base of Fresh Greens:

- Spinach

- Lettuce

- Kale

- Swiss Chard

Wash fresh greens in your meal prep routine to use throughout the week. Fresh greens can provide the perfect base for your buddha bowl recipes as they are high in nutrition and low in calories.

With just a handful of fresh greens, you can begin creating a delicious base for any nourish bowl recipe.

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how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Choose a Lean Protein:

- Chicken

- Steak

- Ground Turkey

- Shrimp

- Fish

- Beans

Add a fist size amount of proteins to your nourish bowl to receive a healthy proportion of lean proteins perfect for maintaining energy through the day and building healthy lean muscles.

how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Choose a Starch:

- Quinoa

- Rice

- Lentils

- Potato

- Sweet Potato

- Chickpeas

A serving of complex healthy starches will leave you feeling satiated. Simply preparing one or two complex starches from the list above to give you variety throughout the week.

All of these starch options can be meal prepped ahead of time making it even easier to create endless nourish bowl recipe combinations for healthy eating.

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how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Choose a Cooked Vegetable:

Oven Roasted

- Carrots

- Zucchini

- Squash

- Brussel Sprouts

- Eggplant

- Asparagus

- Sweet Potato

- Roasted Potato

how to make a nourish bowl for moms


- Broccoli

- Carrots

- Sweet Potato


- Mushrooms

- Cabbage

- Peppers

- Onions

The simplest way to prepare cooked vegetables for nourish bowls is to oven roast various vegetables on a sheet pan covered with aluminum foil. Most of these vegetables can be prepared in 40 minutes (turning veggies halfway through) at 375 degree F with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Steaming is also a simple method for meal prepping nourish bowl ingredients in a matter of minutes. By combining various vegetables into a steaming basket, you can have a great selection of nutritionally dense nourish bowl ingredients to use in creating various nourish bowl recipe ideas.

Sautee delicious vegetables in a healthy fat like coconut oil or grass-fed butter for 10-15 minutes or until softened and slightly golden brown to add a depth of flavor to any nourish bowl recipe.

how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Choose a Raw Produce:

- Carrots

- Cucumbers

- Apples

- Cabbage

- Kale

- Spinach

- Broccoli

- Avocado

Wash and chop produce ahead of time to add to any nourish bowl recipe. Raw produce adds a bite of freshness and fiber to any nourish bowl. Some of these can be sliced ahead of time like grated carrots or minced cucumbers and others you will want to add upon serving like fresh avocado.

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how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Choose a Topping:

- Nuts

- Seeds

- Raisins

Top each nourish bowl with a sprinkle of your favorite nuts, seeds, and raisins to add a layer of sweetness and crunch along with healthy fats and proteins.

how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Choose a Dressing:

- Tzatziki

- Tahini

- Balsamic Vinegar

- Peanut Sauce

- Soy Sauce

- Wasabi

- Ranch

- Honey Mustard

- Cilantro Lime

- Hummus

- Sesame Oil

- Salsa

- Yogurt

Finish any nourish bowl with a delicious dressing or healthy condiment to bring the whole dish together in creating a wholesome nutrition dense quick lunch that is perfect for meal prepping ahead of time to ensure healthy eating throughout the week for busy moms.

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how to make a nourish bowl for moms

Create a Nourish Bowl Recipe Idea Rotation Schedule

Keep your lunch and dinner ideas fresh by creating a nourish bowl recipe idea rotation. Get better at creating endless nourish bowl recipe combinations our simple meal prep solutions.

Discover new tastes and nourish bowl ideas by selecting ingredients directly from our list above to take the stress out of making healthy nourish bowl breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

Nourish bowls make a perfect lunch or dinner idea for busy moms. With our healthy nourish bowl recipe ideas you can create easy nourish bowl recipes for healthy eating all week long.

how to make a nourish bowl for moms

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