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Easy Positive Mindset Summer Morning Routine

Start your day with a positive mindset with this easy Summer morning routine to jumpstart your day with good intentions for welcoming more wellness into your life this season.

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Summer can be the ultimate season to kick off a new early morning routine that leaves you feeling purposeful, motivated, and focused on living your best life intentionally.

With sunny days ahead you can begin each day with an easy morning routine that sets a positive tone for the rest of your day making it a great time to begin building new healthy habits.

5 Easy Summer Morning Habits Moms Should Do

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What if you can begin your day with a positive mindset by simply putting these 5 easy habits into place this Summer.

These small habits can make a big difference in your life taking you from a place of feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled to living a life of intention where you gain focus, clarity, and the energy to create a life you love.

#1 Set Your Intentions First Thing

By setting your intentions first thing in the morning you are creating a vision for how you want to show up for the day?

Do you want to be irritable, stressed out, and grumpy resenting the fact that you have to do anything?

Or do you want to smile exhale and envision yourself being joyful, energized, and present with your family today?

Take a moment to feel your breath, smile, and simply set a small intention for your day.

Don't feel overwhelmed to plan a perfect day just have a small simple intention that you know will bring you a sense of joy that day.

#2 Practice Fasting in the Morning

Develop your mental discipline and practice a fast during your morning Summer routine.

Summer is a great time to begin fasting because the hotter weather naturally makes you want to consume lighter foods that don't leave you feeling heavy.

By fasting in the morning you can allow your body the time it needs to restore itself without the added stress of digesting foods.

This early morning fast can also be combined with hydrating yourself to leave you feeling more energized with better mental focus to take on the day.

#3 Pursue Your Personal Development

Set aside 10 minutes to pursue your own personal development each day.

As a busy mom, Summer can seem like a hectic season to make time for yourself, but it can and should be done.

You need to prioritize yourself and an early morning session of focusing on your own personal development is a great habit to practice in your new morning routine.

This may look like reading a few pages in a self development book, watching a motivational video, or listening to a quick podcast to get your a the right frame of mind to conquer the day.

#4 Do 10 Minutes of Exercise

Nothing will make you feel better than moving your body even if it is just 10 minutes of intentional movement each morning.

Something relaxing like a simple stretch or a quick yoga practice can do wonders for your mindset when your trying to create a Summer morning routine that leaves you feeling well.

If you have more time try taking a walk, lifting weights, or doing a quick cardio session to get the endorphins pumping leaving your feeling strong, confident, and motivated.

Don't underestimate what a few minutes of intentional movement can do for your mindset.

#5 Listen to a Guided Meditation

Add a simple guided meditation to your morning routine to decrease stress and find your intention within for how you want to show up for the day?

With just 10 minutes of taking the time to pause, go within, and listen to a guided meditation can bring immense awareness and presence back into your life.

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The Best Summer Morning Routine for Busy Moms

When your a mom Summer can be a chaotic time filled with too many activities and not enough time to slow down and savor simple moments.

This Summer change up your morning routine by prioritizing your own wellness so that you can restore your intentions and begin living a more present life where your feel energized and fulfilled each day.

By taking time in the morning to focus on your own wellness you can create a life you love where you feel intentional and present each day.

Simple changes make the biggest impact, this Summer mix up your morning routine to include these easy morning routine habits and watch the magic unfold as you begin enjoying feeling your best you each day.

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