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3 Ways To Mentally Refresh After A Stressful Day

Learn to unwind from a stressful day with 3 simple ways to mentally refresh your mind from the day.

mentally refresh after a stressful day

The stresses of the day easily builds tension that can leave you mentally drained after a long day.

When your a homemaker their never seems to be an end to the day making it even harder to ever feel truly refreshed, which often leads to "mom burn out" for many women.

Often times the life of a homemaker encompasses homeschooling children, cooking three meals a day plus providing snacks, tending to daily chores, and keeping up with everyone else's activities only to be up all night with a fussy infant that won't sleep.

Next day repeat...

This continuous cycle of demands is enough to make anyone mentally burnt out at the end of the day, but with simple changes you can have a go to self care routine to refresh you mentally after a long stressful day.

self care products for homemakers

How Can I Refresh My Mind Quickly?

Having a quick routine for refreshing your mind quickly is vital for all homemakers.

Sometimes the most simplest of acts can quickly refresh your mind bringing you to a more positive mindset that allows you to release the built up tensions of the day.

#1 Do A Water Cleanse

When you are mentally drained after a stressful day consider doing a water cleanse to wash away tension and toxins naturally.

Water is so powerful in bringing our bodies and minds back to a harmonious state that it makes it an easy go to self care habit for reducing stress.

A water cleanse can take different forms whether you choose to hydrate yourself to achieve more clarity in your mind, a hot shower to wash away the worries, or a warm soak in a fragrant bath allowing the toxins to be drawn out from your body.

Using water to its full potential to cleanse our minds is easy to do and highly beneficial in restoring your mental health after a long day even if this means just splashing cold water on your face to feel rejuvenated.

self care tips for homemakers

#2 Designate A Chill Spot

Being in a cluttered home is the icing on the cake after having a long stressful day.

When your mentally spent after a long demanding day having an organized space that you can retreat to for restoring your mindset is essential.

Create a simple space in your home that allows you to unwind for a few minutes each day.

This could look like a cozy nook with a comfortable chair and small table that holds your favorite candle, space for a hot tea, and your favorite book inviting you to retreat and rest after a long day.

homemaking self care routine for stay at home moms

#3 Sit In Silence

Silence is hard to come by when your a homemaker taking care of young children.

After a mentally exhausting day, seeking a moment of silence can help restore your mindset greatly.

Even a few minutes of quietness can be enough to shift your perspective bringing you back to a harmonious state of mind.

You can take this quick retreat to the next level by savoring a warm drink, practicing a moment of meditation, or even reading a chapter of your favorite book.

By taking just 10 minutes for yourself to practice self care in silence you can restore your mindset after a long stressful day.

how do you refresh your mind from stress

How Do You Refresh Your Mind From Stress?

Stress is awful for your mind, body, and soul.

It can leave your feeling exhausted, foggy minded, and builds a tension in your body that can become overwhelming.

To refresh your mind from stress you need to strengthen your awareness and ability to find joy daily.

By incorporating more joyful moments into your life you can get into the habit of actually enjoying your day and decreasing your daily stress build up before it gets to the point of exhaustion.

Taking care of your basic needs and giving yourself a break from distractions allows you to refresh your mind from the build up of modern day stress.

To get ahead of stress learn to identify the triggers in your life that are causing you the most stress.

Figure out what are the daily habits that are holding you back from a life you desire?

By becoming more aware of what is working and what you need to let go of you can begin building more balance in your life?

Refresh your mind from stress by creating more pockets of time for yourself to be undistracted and take the time to tune into your subconscious mind allowing you the space you need for your stress to simply melt away.

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Mar 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this! I'm not a parent yet but I don't deal with stress well as I internalize it! Taking the time to really realx and reset is so important!


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