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How To Build An Easy Self Care Routine For Stay At Home Moms

Discover How To Build A Self Care Routine With Easy Self Care Ideas For Stay At Home Moms!

easy self care ideas for stay at home moms

Want to feel energized and enthusiastic in motherhood?

If you feel like you have lost your identity to motherhood I'm going to teach you how to rebuild and reinvent yourself?

As a women you need time for yourself.

You need to create pockets of time to attend to your own needs, wants, and desires in life apart from being a stay at home mom.

Unfortunately, many stay at home moms find it hard to create time for themselves.

And let's face it after a long day of demands who has the energy to do anything else even if it is for yourself?

easy self care ideas for stay at home moms

Why Self Care Is So Important For Stay at Home Moms

If you want to feel like more than just a mother and want to begin prioritizing yourself you need a self care routine that is easy to do.

Self care is your source to having the confidence, energy, and enthusiasm for life.

Is it really that simple?


Self care will allow you to begin rediscovering who you are in the midst of motherhood.

With self care you can discover a life of passion.

A life where you feel valued and confident.

A life filled with happiness and joy.

A journey to living your best life is waiting for you when you begin to prioritize yourself.

easy self care ideas for stay at home moms

Easy Self Care Ideas for Stay At Home Moms

When your a stay at home mom you need to create a self care routine that is easy.

You need to make self care so accessible that you can easily schedule small pockets of time to tend to yourself.

I would like for your to think of ways you can practice self care 3 times a day.

By creating 3 pockets of self care throughout the day you allowing yourself to be nourished physically, mentally, and spiritually on a daily basis.

Begin by carving out 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to practice self care.

Beginning with a simple self care routine will ignite your journey to prioritizing yourself.

Once you have mastered 10 minutes bump it up to 20 minutes and so on...

Discover a balance in your routine where your needs are met because they are just as valid as everyone else's demands.

easy self care ideas for stay at home moms

Building A Self Care Routine

When your building a self care routine, center it around your mental, physical, and spiritual needs.

Your self care routine should leave you feeling replenished and relaxed.

Remember self care is not about grandness.

Simple is best when it comes to self care as a stay at home mom because you need to able to feel joy in the small moments that make up your day.

Build a morning routine that nourishes your body with a nutritious meal, stretching, and taking a moment to practice gratitude.

In the afternoon, focus on cultivating a new skill by discovering what your interested in?

What brings excitement and sparks joy in your life?

Begin teaching yourself whatever it is that creates a spark for you!

easy self care ideas for stay at home moms

In the evening, create a self care routine that allows you to unwind and relax.

Tend to your body.

A quick pampering before bed can leave you feeling like a whole new women.

Do the face mask.

Take time to soak in a warm bath.

Lather yourself with lotion.

Do a bit of journaling.

easy self care ideas for stay at home moms

Give yourself permission to tend to you.

Allow yourself the freedom to take a step back to do you.

Be disciplined enough to prioritize yourself.

Build the passion and confidence to live life to the fullest even in the midst of motherhood.

To build the perfect self care routine check out these self care ideas:


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