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List of 5 Free Garden Sources for Beginner Gardeners

Cut costs with this list of FREE garden sources to use in your garden to build up fertility, decrease weeds, and make pathways at no cost.

girl holding soil with purple flower in the center

With these sources you can set the foundation for laying out and building your garden for FREE.

Even if you have a garden already established these tips are useful for not only establishing your garden, but also maintaining it.

What Is The Cheapest Way to Start a Garden?

If you want to save money on starting a garden begin by:

  • Starting small with a simple layout.

  • Building up your soil fertility naturally.

  • Creating a sustainable system.

These 3 elements can help you establish the foundation, create fertility in the soil, and maintain your garden at the lowest cost.

girl picking swish chard from garden

How To Start A Vegetable Garden From Scratch for Beginners

If you want to build a sustainable garden cheaply you can use these sources to begin building your garden for FREE.

#1 How To Use Cardboard in The Garden

Cardboard is a resource that can often be found for free and it is a great weed barrier that can be used to establish garden beds and walkways in your garden.

#2 How To Get Free Woodchips for Your Garden

Many tree cutting services offer free delivery of organic woodchips directly to your home because it saves the company disposal costs.

See if you can locate the same type of service in your area and request a load of wood chips for free to create and maintain your walk ways.

#3 Use a Tarp To Start a Garden

Save yourself the time and hassle of establishing a garden site and simply use a tarp to kill unwanted grasses and weeds.

Fall is the perfect time to add compost to this area, do a deep watering, and cover with the tarp occasionally watering to maintain moisture creating more fertility in the soil the easy way.

#4 Locate a Free Leaf Compost Site in Your Area

Search your area to find free leaf compost sites and use this as a foundation for building your garden beds.

You can also create your own leaf compost by collecting leaves in the Fall then cover with a tarp and water often to help breakdown the compost.

This is a Free natural resource that could be available for building up your garden beds for no costs just be sure to check your PH levels because leaf compost can be acidic so you may need to counter balance with an application of pelleted lime.

#5 Make Your Own Compost at Home From Food Scraps

Learn how to transform your food scrapes into nutrient rich compost to use in your garden throughout the year.

Having a food compost system established in your home can help you sustain your garden for free.

raised garden bed of swish chard

How To Make a Raised Garden Bed for Cheap?

Building your dream garden is doable when you know what FREE resources to use to layout, establish, and maintain your garden for no costs.

With simple practices you can create effective weed barriers for controlling unwanted plants and establishing pathways.

Build up the fertility in your soil using natural ways with free local sources that will increase the your harvest yields next season and learn to develop a sustainable system for your garden to save money, while growing nutrient rich organic food for your family.

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