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Start A Kitchen Garden This Fall With These Easy Plants

To have the freshest ingredients on hand for creating delicious homecooked meals check out the Top 7 Garden Plants to grow right now.

lettuce plants

If you want to have fresh ingredients on hand at a fraction of the cost learn to grow your own herbs and lettuces to create the perfect kitchen garden.

Growing herbs and lettuces is a great way to jump into starting a kitchen garden.

Many herbs and lettuces can be sown directly into containers to provide you with an abundance of leafy greens and tasty vegetables perfect for creating fresh homecooked meals.

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What To Plant In The Fall In A Small Container Garden For Beginners

If you are ready to begin growing your own ingredients creating a small container garden may be perfect for you.

A container garden allows you to grow a variety of plants in a small space.

9-herb window garden
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Fall is the perfect time to begin a small container garden because there are a variety of plants that grow best in cooler temperatures and small spaces.

These plants are easy to grow and produce a harvest throughout the season.

Simply snip what you need and continue to let the main stem and new leaves grow for a harvest that keeps on giving.


Top Plants To Grow In A Kitchen Garden

You can grown a kitchen garden any time of the year, but there is something so delightful about a Fall container garden where you can grow fresh ingredients perfect for so slow cooked meals.

Check Out Our Top Garden Plants For Fall

lemon balm mint plant herb garden

Lemon Balm Mint

Mint is such a wonder garden plant because it is extremely hardy and delivers a delightful ingredient to use in a variety of ways.

Mint is super easy to grow and is a perennial plant that only needs to be sown once.

Lemon balm mint is a favorite ingredient that delivers a fragrant minty lemon taste that is perfect in teas or as a topping to some of our favorite dishes such as Cucumber Salad or Mediterranean Chicken.

The Lemon Balm Mint plant does best in its own container with a depth of 12 inches and partial sun.

spinach lettuce beginner garden plant


Spinach is such a nutritious ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes including soups, salads, stews, and smoothies.

Spinach is simple to grow and even simpler to harvest.

Just simply pick off the top leaves as needed and your plant will continue to grow throughout the season.

Spinach plants need a soil depth of 8-12 inches and do best when spaced 4-6 inches between plants to allow for proper ventilation.

This plant also prefers partial to moderate sun and enjoys the cooler temperatures of Fall.

cilantro container garden plant ingredient


Cilantro is a staple herb in my household that goes so well with Spanish cuisine.

Great in salsas and soups, this herb is a must have in my Fall garden

Cilantro seeds are large, easy to plant, and can continue to produce throughout the season before bolting and giving you an abundance of seeds for next season.

With a cilantro plant you will want to give it a container space of 12 inches deep and 12 inches apart from other plants to allow this beauty to deliver you an abundance.

swish chard ingredient

Swish Chard

Swish chard is a hardy plant that looks great in a container garden adding a burst of color.

With leafy green leaves and dark vibrant steams, Swish Chard is a great addition for your kitchen garden that can stand up to a variety of cooking techniques.

This vibrant plant not only looks great in the garden, but it is a great ingredient to have on hand offering great nutrition.

lettuce bowl


Salad greens can be expensive and it can be a high producer of food waste in the kitchen.

To have the freshest organic crisp lettuce on hand throughout the season plant a variety of lettuces in your own kitchen garden.

Leafy lettuces work best in container gardens, so consider planting Romain, Buttercrunch, and a variety of loose leaf lettuces to have fresh lettuce on hand for creating nutritious salads.

kale garden plant


You have to have Kale in your kitchen garden this Fall or your just missing out.

This plant is hardy and produces a crisp leaf that is perfect for soup, stews, chili, and salad.

Kale is so versatile you can even create crunchy Kale chips for a healthy snack choice or add this ingredient to your morning smoothie for a boost of nutrition.

green onion garden plant for beginners

Green Onion

Green onion rounds out our list of top plants to have in your kitchen garden this Fall.

Green onions add a burst of flavor and freshness to any homecooked meal.

Particularly delicious in a Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, or slow cooked soup, green onions have to make an appearance in your container garden.

Simple to plant in limited space, this garden favorite makes for a top ingredient that you must have to add a blast of flavor to all your meals.

easy beginner garden plants

How To Grow Herbs and Lettuces On Your Porch

Growing herbs and lettuces are a great start for any beginner gardener.

Most of these plants only need a spacing of 6 inches with a soil depth of 8-12 inches.

seed vault kit
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Partial sun in hot temperatures and full sun with cooler temperatures will give you an abundance of fresh ingredient to have on hand.

If you want to have the freshest organic ingredients to make homecooked meals for you family consider creating your own kitchen garden this season with these easy to grow plants.

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