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3 Practical Tips to Overcome a Slump in Motivation

If you made resolutions and are already overwhelmed with a lack of motivation guess what that is totally normal because motivation isn't what gets results.

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If you want to stick to your resolutions you have to understand the system of developing new habits.

Creating a new habit can be hard to do if you use motivation alone because let's face it that drive to change actually dwindles when it comes time for action.

That is why you can't trust motivation alone to get you through overcoming bad habits.

3 Easy Ideas To Help You Develop Better Habits When Your Unmotivated

As you continue along your wellness journey you will become more aware of habits that are holding you back.

Deciding to move past these rituals can be a challenging time, but with these 3 practical tips you can begin to shift your reality and start manifesting a life you love.

#1 Start With One Small Change

When your trying to shift your habits it is important to begin small that way it doesn't feel so overwhelming.

Narrow in on one small change that you would like to begin practicing each day.

By identifying one small change you are building your sense of awareness and the connection between your daily habits and your level of wellness.

Even if you are unmotivated making one simple shift will act like a catalyst to building new better habits along your personal growth journey, so always start small.

#2 Develop Your Discipline

Motivation acts as driving factor for a short time when you are trying to make changes to your daily habits.

Instead, focus on developing your sense of discipline and to do that you have to be able to identify the trigger, allow yourself to feel the urge, then simply learn to redirect your thoughts.

Going through this series of thinking seems like a lot, but by bringing intentional awareness to the routine surrounding this habit it will allow you to gain control over your mind.

With this new sense of control you will be able to notice triggers and redirect your energy to replace your unwanted habit with a new ones ones through self discipline.

#3 Keep Going Even When Your Fail

Failure is a part of the process.

It is what you do with this failure that matters.

When you fall back to old ways don't let yourself get stuck there.

Simply accept and continue to move forward because you deserve to have a life of wellness.

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How To Overcome Bad Habits When Your Tired and Not Motivated?

We all develop bad habits along the way especially when your a full time homemaker because the lack of time for ourselves is a great catalyst for depending on quick dopamine hits to help us relax and unwind.

When you find yourself in the position of being ready to make a change the driving factor is motivation, but to commit to action doesn't take motivation it requires discipline.

Allowing yourself the room to fail without giving up is vital to your success, so keep going even when you have a set back.

Now is the time for you to begin prioritizing your own wellness by leading an intentional lifestyle that helps you create a life you love.

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