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Top List of Fruits To Feed Your Baby First Solids

Here is the ultimate list of fruits to feed your baby with quick easy ingredients for creating nutritious homemade meals easily.


Raising a healthy eater is all about introducing a variety of textures and flavors to grow your baby's appetite for eating a wide selection of foods.

This introduction to a variety of different ingredients will save you from the struggle of feeding a picky eater.

Typically, when first starting solid foods you want to begin with vegetables, so your little one develops a liking to foods that aren't primarily sweet in flavor.

Once your baby is eating a variety of vegetables you can begin slowly introducing a more of fruits to expand their palate.

Most fruits can be pureed or minced to the appropriate texture to ensure that your baby can safely chew and swallow easily.

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What Fruits Should I Feed My Baby First?

Feeding your baby fruits is a great way to introduce a variety of flavors and textures.

Fruits are also a great ingredient when creating quick meals because many can be served raw and pureed if needed.

Getting your baby to eat fruits like bananas and avocado will be a life saver when you need quick go to snacks to feed your little one, so introduce these first.

You can introduce more challenging fruits like oranges and cucumber by using a baby food pacifier to safely serve these foods.


Fruit List To Feed Your Baby 6 Months Old:












When first introducing fruits that are harder to eat consider pureeing, using a food pacifier, or mincing the fruit into a texture that can easily be chewed and swallowed.

Fruits like pears can even be softly steamed to make them a softer texture that is easy to eat as a warm puree.

To make the most delicious purees Read: The Secret to Making Baby Food Purees

Once your infant is more experienced in eating you can begin introducing chunkier textures eventually progressing into sliced portions that are appropriate for your little ones eating experience.

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What Should I Feed My 6 Month Old?

Feeding your 6 month doesn't have to be stressful when you know what to make and how to prepare foods that are nourishing.

With this list of fruit choices you can easily begin introducing new flavors and textures that are sweet and tasty to expand your baby's palate.

To round out your meals make sure to add The Best Protein Sources for Baby's First Foods and begin making your own homemade baby food to give your child a healthy start with good eating habits.

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