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Why Surrendering to Motherhood Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

Start embracing your journey to change the dynamic from stressed to content by slowing down and surrendering to motherhood.

a mother holding son kiss on forehead

Imagine releasing the pressure that you have to be anything more than what you already are in this very moment.

Often we are so focused on what we should be doing that it takes away from the enjoyment of the present moment.

This is especially true when you become a mother in a society where you are expected to be all the things.

To have a family while juggling some awesome career and maintaining your sanity while you get bombarded with too much information on a daily basis and get pulled in a million directions from the demands of parenting without the help of a village.

This is modern day parenting.

Solo, isolating, and filled with unrealistic expectations that don't support the mental wellness of mothers.

Instead, of feeling the pressure to be more and do more begin shifting your mindset to surrendering to this moment in your life because it is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

a mom holding son

Why Is It So Important To Surrender to Parenthood?

Parenting is extremely hard when your a fulltime homemaker because you are in charge of regulating the emotions of others 24-7 and this can feel very overwhelming.

Combine that element with the pressure of I should be working.

I should be doing more.

I should not just be sitting at home.

I'm wasting my time.

These thoughts take you out of the moment and make you resentful of one of the most profound phases of your life.


You only get one shot at experiencing motherhood and what do you want that to look like for you?

What kind of mother do you want to show up as for your children?

Being a mother is the most important role you will ever play, so don't take away from the importance of what you are doing by being consumed with I should.

Just like everything in life motherhood has phases within itself.

It is okay to just be content with where you are and to let go of the pressure that your falling behind.

Don't be so harsh on yourself feeling like you have to have do and be everything all at once.

It is okay to surrender.

Don't feel like you wasting your life because your at home all day tending to your children.

It is time to surrender that feeling.

Don't feel like your not doing enough.

Surrender to being enough and living in the moment.

If your in the trenches of motherhood just know things will get easier and as your children grow you will have more time for yourself to rediscover who you are after becoming a mother.

For now give yourself the greatest gift by slowing down and enjoying your role as a homemaker by simply surrendering your mind and opening your heart to the present moment.

Now take a moment for yourself with a 10 minute meditation:

white lotus flower

Then Read:


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