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How To "Slow Down" To Have More Happiness

Learn exactly what to do to slow down your days and begin cultivating more happiness in your life from simple moments and intentional actions.

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We live in a busy time where the pressure to do more and be more is constantly present especially for mothers.

Mothers are expected to look their best, have a career, keep a clean home, make wholesome meals, tend to their children all without the help of a village.

We have to be our own saviors in this time because most often "nobody" is coming over to help you achieve any of these things on a consistent basis.

It is up to you to cultivate a life of joy by giving yourself permission to simply slow down and savior exactly where you are in this moment.

Realize, there will always be more things to do.

A never ending list of things you should be doing inside of prioritizing you.

For today scratch that idea and replace it with the intention to do something for yourself.

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How Slowing Down Will Build Your Happiness Easily

You are your own worst critique and place a lot of stress upon your shoulders for the wellbeing of your family.

However, this has probably worn you down incredibly over the years to the point where you don't feel like it is worth the effort to put time into yourself.

In motherhood, every women get to this point at one time or another because parenting is extremely hard, especially when your a stay at home homeschooling mom.

If you want to feel happiness again it is time to slow down, so that you can care for yourself and begin enjoying the little pleasures in life has to offer again.

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7 Ways To Slow Down Your Day When Your A Busy Mom

Here are 7 ways you can begin slowing down your day to lessen stress, promote wellness, and increase your joy naturally by being more in tune with the present moment.

#1 Intentionally Stop

Stop what you are doing and make a conscious decision to change your mindset to be more present in the moment.

#2 Make Present Moment Time Blocks

Begin blocking out periods of time where you disengage from distractions to practice conscious present moment thinking.

The more you practice intentional living with designated time blocks the easier it becomes to live in the present moment throughout the day.

#3 Attune Into Frequency Healing

Release stress from you life and feel yourself healing with a short meditation attuned to a healing frequency like:

432 Hz. The Universal Frequency

528 Hz. The Love Frequency

639 Hz. The Frequency of Connection

#4 Create an Ambient Atmosphere

Surround yourself with the simple ambiance of a flickering candle or soft lighting to create a space of warmth.

Focus on awakening your senses with simple elements that smell good, are aesthetically pleasing, and bring comfort to your home.

#5 Daily Breathwork

Master the art of breathwork to center yourself throughout the day.

Taking the time to focus inward on breath will help you learn how to be more present in your day.

#6 Practice Navigating and Shifting Thoughts

Get out of the habit of ruminating by learning to take on the practice of becoming more aware of your negative thoughts then consciously shifting them to more positive ones.

Over time when negative thoughts arise you will have awareness making it easier to acknowledge, accept, and move on.

#7 Surrender to Something You Enjoy

Stop putting things that make you happy on the back burner.

Surrender to the simple pleasures in life and make the time to do more of them daily.

Slow down enough to say "yes" to living a life you actually enjoy instead of hustling around mindlessly.

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How To Build Happiness When Your a Homemaking Mom

Building happiness when your a homemaking mom is easier when you become more present in your life by slowing down.

When you are in the grind of hustling around stressed out trying to do everything for everyone else you lose yourself.

Instead, build a life you love right alongside of motherhood by learning how to balance self care with homemaking.

Intertwine the two throughout your day so that your own needs are being met daily leaving you confident, motivated, and joyful for yourself and your family.

The key to building happiness when your a homemaking mom is simply to just slow down.



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