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How I Feed My Kids Organic Foods For Free?

It's no secret, here is how to feed your kids organic nutrient rich foods for free.

lettuce backyard garden for beginners

If you want to enjoy fresh nutrient rich foods for no cost you need to begin gardening this season.

And yes gardening does require an initial investment, but once systems are in place you can begin enjoying organic foods for free from the convenience of your backyard.

Here we will break down the 5 Easy Steps to get you started with your own backyard garden today.

tomato backyard garden harvest

Simple Backyard Vegetable Garden For Beginners

Creating a simple backyard vegetable garden does not need to be complicated.

Sure there are many options and techniques for creating a backyard garden, but the basics remain the same.

vegetable garden basket of produce

Step 1 Create A List of Produce

Create a list of vegetables, fruits, and herbs your family enjoys most.

There is no point in growing foods your family does not enjoy eating.

Some popular choices for beginner gardeners can include tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, and yellow squash.

starting seeds for vegetable garden

Step 2 Plan Your Layout

To grow your first backyard vegetable garden you need to designate a space.

Understand that different vegetables have varying requirements in terms of space and soil depth preferences.

seedling transfer for backyard garden

Step 3 Amend The Soil

You have your list of plants and have an understanding for their specific space requirements now you need to mend the soil.

Bring in compost and top soil to amend the dirt to a depth of 8-12 inches of organic nutrient rich matter.

Consider creating hilled rows to drop the expense of building raised beds just note their will be more weeding involved without a weed barrier at the base of your beds.

Also another way to fill a raised bed inexpensively is to consider filling the base of the bed with branches, straw, and green materials then topping off the top layer of your bed with top soil.

Over time the organic debris underneath will break down creating more nutrient rich soil.

food scraps for compost backyard garden

Step 4 Compost System

Develop a compost system for your home.

If you want to get to the point where gardening becomes free you need to create a system for amending the soil before each planting season.

By apply compost to the soil in the Fall after planting season you can ensure a healthy soil that will in turn provide you with an abundant harvest.

This is where having a compost system in place comes with great value.

You can begin your compost system for free by collecting household vegetable scrapes to mix with dry brown material like leaves and straw.

Investing in some backyard chickens can help speed up the process of creating your own compost system.

With the addition of chickens you can enjoy fresh eggs, but also have a never ending source of manure and dry bedding material to add your household vegetable scraps to create nutrient rich compost for free.

To limit the expense of feeding your chickens you can consider feeding them scraps, allowing them to free range, fermenting their grain, and directly feeding them from the garden with any extra produce to harvest.

seed saving for backyard garden

Step 5 Seed Saving

This is where all your initial investments begin to pay off and you are now able to produce your own food for free.

By investing in heirloom variety seeds you will then be able to save the seeds from your produce and continue to grow organic nutrient rich foods for free.

The amount of seeds you can save from a single produce is incredible.

You can enjoy harvesting produce from a single plant for years to come simply by seed saving.

produce garden basket

Why You Should Be Investing In A Backyard Garden?

Give your family the gift of food security by investing in a backyard garden.

With a simple garden you can feed your family organic nutrient rich food for free.

As with anything their is an initial investment, but with time you can create a system that allows you to feed your family the best local organic food for free.

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