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Should I Get Backyard Chickens?

Chickens are all the trend as a popular backyard addition that is a must have if you enjoy gathering fresh eggs, having a source of free compost, and to simply enjoy the funny antics of these humorous creatures.

little girl holding chicken in a field of hens

If your a thinking of becoming a first time chicken owner there are simple basics to keep in mind including shelter, feed, and litter.

Having a chicken coop with a small run is ideal when your interested in adding chickens to your backyard.

There are endless designs for chicken coops, so just choose one that suits you and your chickens best.

Chickens also require daily grain, but you can off put those feed costs by feeding your chickens food scraps and allowing them to free range during the day.

Chicken can eat a wide variety of food scraps creating a great partnership for reducing food waste in your home.

five chickens

Litter is another cost to consider when your becoming a first time chicken owner and with the deep littler bed method you can reduce the amount of time it takes to clean your coop.

Having fresh shavings in the nesting areas is essential if you want to collect beautiful clean farm fresh eggs.

Overall, chickens are really easy to keep once you have a handle on the basics, but should you get backyard chickens?

lavender chicken

What Are The Benefits of Having Backyard Chickens?

The benefits of having backyard chickens are plenty making them a great choice for anyone interested in getting closer to their food source.

The amount of hens in factory farms could be greatly reduced by having more household raising their own hens simply in their own backyard.

By having your own backyard chickens you could be harvesting farm fresh eggs daily that are higher in nutrients and fresher than store bought eggs.

Food security is another benefit of raising your own laying hens, especially when you purchase hens that are dual purpose meaning they can be raised for eggs or butchered for their meat.

brown basket of eggs

Chickens also provide manure that can be composted and returned to your home garden as a natural nutrient rich fertilizer to enrich your plants giving you bountiful harvests from fertile soil.

When the garden season is over chickens are great at turning over the soil in your garden making them handy to have around.

Free range chickens can also be a source of pest control eating everything from insects to small snakes from your property.

Plus chickens are just delightful to have around the yard and make a perfect addition to any household.

With so many benefits it is no wonder why chickens are on trend as a must have for any homemaker.

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