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5 Tips for Watering Your Backyard Garden the Right Way

Learn the right way to water your backyard garden for growing plants that produce a bountiful harvest every season making it possible to cultivate fresh organic produce easily right from your home garden.

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If your new to gardening you may think that watering your plants is a no brainer, but believe it or not their is a little more to this watering thing than you may know.

Your plants obviously need water, but with these tips you will know exactly how to water your backyard garden efficiently to grow strong plants that will produce a harvest.

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How Often You Should Be Watering Your Backyard Garden?

Watering your backyard garden is essential if you want to grow plants that produce fresh fruits and vegetables perfect for feeding your family nutrient rich organic food.

Turn your garden into a food oasis with 5 Watering Tips:

#1 The Morning is Best

Ideally, you want to water your garden first thing in the morning because the sun is less intense and the leaves will have time to dry throughout the day.

Avoid watering during mid day because the water droplets will absorb the heat from the sun causing damage to the leaves.

Watering in the evening is ok, but one thing to consider is that leaves can be more prone to growing fungi since the leaves remain damp for longer throughout the night.

#2 Shallow Watering Shallow Roots

Avoid shallow frequent watering as this will encourage stunted growth in your garden plants.

When you water just at a surface level the plants tend to grow shorter roots making them weaker and less likely to produce at their full potential.

Instead, it is important to give your garden a deep soaking every other day depending on conditions, so that your plants grow deeper roots.

#3 Leaves Like to Be Dry

Ideally leaves like to be dry, so if your overhead watering do it in the morning so the plants have a chance to dry out throughout the day.

Also you can avoid getting the leaves wet by placing a drip line along your bed making it very easy to water efficiently at the root level.

#4 Don't Drown Your Plants

Overwatering your garden washes away the nutrients in your soil plus creates conditions for fungus to thrive leaving you with diseased plants.

Overwatering can also cause your plants to develop root rot stunting their growth and eventually killing the plant.

By watering in the morning you give the plants a healthy boost of water and then the soil is allowed to dry out through the day encouraging the plants to grow deeper roots in search of more water.

#5 Make a Simple Compost Tea

Bring more nutrients into your garden by fertilizing the plants naturally with a nutrient rich compost tea.

By simply combining compost, a sugar source like molasses, and water you can have a great garden boost concoction to water your plants with.

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How to Water My Vegetable Garden?

Watering a vegetable garden is simple when you understand these basic principles.

Conditions of course vary from garden to garden depending on the type of garden you have, the depth of your soil, the types of plants your growing, and the climate conditions of your region.

The main goal is to find a watering routine that works best for you and your garden.

Just remember to avoid shallow or overwatering as these two tendencies can greatly impact the health of your plants and avoid moisture build up on the leaves which can encourage fungal spores to produce.

You can also give back to your garden by making your plants a simple compost tea to give rich nutrients directly to your soil.

Water your vegetable garden consistently to reap a bountiful harvest this growing season and be sure to read How to Start a Vegetable Garden for Beginners to get more garden inspiration for your home.

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