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Slow Living Is What You Need When your an Overwhelmed Mom

Ease the stress of being an overwhelmed mom with a slow living mindset to give you a new perspective for appreciating the moment your in and building a life you love.

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Often the main source of stress in this modern era of parenting is high expectations where we jump onto the hamster wheel of constantly multitasking and striving for perfection in all areas of our life.

While expectations can help us pursue more in our lives it is often best to simply take a step back and bring more intention into our daily routines when we are in the pursuit of peace.

When we live our life on auto pilot it slowly kills our passion for pursuing things that bring us joy and we often develop excuses such as lack of time, money, and energy for embracing the things that once brought us a sense of happiness.

By choosing a slow living mindset we can begin improving our work life balance, reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase our feeling of fulfillment each day.

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11 Ways To Begin a Slow Living Routine When Your a Mom

Check out our list of 11 ways to begin living a more intentional lifestyle to bring you back a sense of peace and clarity as a mom.

#1 Set Realistic Expectations

If you think about it you may find that you are the main source of stress in your life because your setting your expectations too high and running yourself ragged trying to achieve it all.

#2 Limit Screen Time

By limiting screen time you can become more present in the moment and spend less time comparing yourself to others, which leaves you feeling less than and not good enough every day.

#3 Take Regular Breaks

Schedule in regular breaks throughout the day for yourself to do things you actually enjoy and watch your spark for life reignite.

#4 Practice Mindfulness

Bring your attention back to center by practicing breathwork and being mindful of your thoughts and actions throughout the day.

#5 Simplify Meals

Stop trying to create complicated time consuming meals for your family by simplifying meal time with a simple meal prep plan to create simple dishes that are easy to make.

#6 Declutter

Nothing brings more overwhelm to a mom than living in a cluttered home, so take the time to arrange your home into a space that embraces wellness and clarity through having less stuff.

#7 Spend More Time in Nature

Slow living is all about embracing the moment your in and being in nature can help shift your focus from the to do's to what simply is.

#8 Celebrate Small Achievements

Stop chasing one goal after another and simply be present by celebrating the small achievements of each day.

#9 Practice Self Care Daily

Self care is a must for moms and by practicing a daily self care routine you can allow yourself to reconnect with yourself, which is a must after caring for everyone else all day.

#10 Do Less for Others

Start saying no delegating responsibilities and give yourself a break. You don't have to do and be everything to everyone one.

Often our children and spouses are more than capable of taking on some of the daily responsibilities giving your more time for yourself.

#11 Exercise Daily

Nothing will give you the feeling of peace and tranquility like getting your endorphins pumping with a quick exercise regime.

The best part of exercising is its ability to bring you into the present moment.

What Are The Benefits of Slow Living for Moms?

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Slow living is a state of mind that will release you from the stress of being an overwhelmed mom. By choosing to live an intentional life you will notice a variety of benefits that leave you feeling at peace.

With slow living you can reignite your creativity, feel more productive, develop a sense of wellness, build emotional stability, and begin actually enjoying the phase of life your in.

Developing a slow living lifestyle is a gradual process of simply bringing more intention into your daily routine and by making this mindset shift you can begin cultivating a life you love with a greater sense of fulfillment and peace.


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