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The Best Self Care Ideas In Under 10 Minutes For Exhausted Moms

You need self care and we got you covered with the best self care ideas in under 10 minutes for exhausted moms that need to restore a better self care routine.

best easy self care ideas for stay at home moms

Are you an exhausted stay at home mom in need of some self care?

We know your tired, busy, and that you all to often lay own needs on the back burner.

So today, we have created a list of the best self care ideas in under 10 minutes to bring life back into your daily routine.

The Best Self Care Ideas For Tired Stay At Home Moms

When you find yourself in the trenches of motherhood consider adopting a simple self care routine that can be done with limited funds and in no time.

We know you may not have the luxury of an hour to pamper yourself.

We know you feel like a hot mess most days.

We know the guilt when you do make time for you.

We are hear to tell you it is ok to step away from your role as a mother to tend to your own needs.

As a matter of fact, we encourage you to do just that with this list of easy self care ideas for busy moms.

pregnant woman doing yoga at home

#1 Meditate

Take 10 minutes to focus on aligning yourself.

Focus on breathwork.

Visualize wellness.

Release any stresses.

lime water with ice

#2 Hydrate

Overcome low energy levels by taking 10 minutes to hydrate yourself with a cool refreshing glass of water.

Sometimes self care is simply about meeting our basic needs.

If you find yourself battling brain fog, consider tuning into your hydration as part of your easy self care routine.

woman stretching in yoga pose

#3 Release Tension

We all store tension differently.

Do you feel the tightness in your shoulders?

Is it your neck that feels stiff?

Are you finding yourself feeling achy all over?

With 10 minutes of self care you can release tension by performing gentle stretches as part of your daily routine.

woman with brown hair smiling

#4 Get Dressed

It is easy to get into the slump of not getting dressed.

Your hair is always in a top knot.

Oversized T-shirts and baggy sweatpants are your go to.

Not that there is anything against being comfortable, but if you want to feel more energize, focused, and driven consider simply getting dressed each day.

Take 10 minutes to simply put yourself together.

You will feel better about yourself.

More confident and ready to take on motherhood with your best foot forward.

woman holding a plant smiling with house plants in the background

#5 Nurture Something

Nurture something?


Nurture something you love other than your family.

Nurture a project your excited about.

Nurture a hobby that brings you joy.

Nurture your love for learning and doing new things!

Nurture Yourself.

cultivate simple delights shop journals

#6 Do A Brain Dump

Get out of your head.

When your a stay at home mom there is a constant chatter.

You probably find yourself constantly bouncing from one to do to the next.

An endless list of things to remember.

Get out of your head!

Take 10 minutes to simply journal about your worries, excitements, and pursuits to bring yourself back to center.

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roasted squash

#7 Eat A Nourishing Meal

Go ahead and take the time to eat something that brings your joy.

Create a moment of space for you to simply enjoy a delicious simple meal.

Find a way to sit without distractions and make a meal just for you to enjoy.

woman laying outside in dress

#8 Connect With Nature

Your self care will be different each day.

On particularly rough days, look to connect with nature to bring you joy.

Take time to go outside, enjoy basking in the sun, and allow yourself to just simply be in the presence of nature.

bath products soap bath salts

#9 Pamper Yourself

One of the first sacrifices when becoming a stay at home mom is tending to our own hygiene needs.

Skipping showers, lazy attire, and no effort often become the norm.

If your finding yourself in the position where you want to reclaim yourself in the midst of motherhood take the time to pamper yourself.

In under 10 minutes you can choose to put lotion on, apply makeup, fix your hair, put together a cute outfit, paint your nails, floss your teeth, or simply just put on your favorite jewelry pieces to make yourself feel better.

Obviously, you don't have to do all of these things at once cause let's face it stay at home moms are often too busy to go all out just to stay at home.

Pick and choose what self care activity will give you the most joy today and then go from there.

woman doing yoga at home

#10 Create Boundaries

If your self care has been neglected it is time to create boundaries.

Stop giving so much of yourself to everyone else.

Stop always putting yourself last.

Start being more selfish.

Create time for just you to pursue taking care of yourself, doing things you enjoy, and undergoing challenges that allow you to grow.

Begin with boundaries.

mom and baby yoga

10 Minute Self Care Ideas For Tired Stay At Home Moms

When your in the trenches of motherhood, self care can seem like an impossible addition to everything else there is to juggle.

But self care is so vital to stay at home moms to combat feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Motherhood has a way of breaking you down.

It is up to us to rebuild ourselves and to claim an identify that brings us value.

If your a mom that has found herself broken with unfulfilled needs leading a life of redundancy consider adding small self care habits to begin rebuilding yourself.

Self care doesn't need to be a complicated matter.

It can simply be small changes in your daily habits that can lead to big changes in your life.

Begin with these self care ideas in under 10 minutes for stay at home moms.

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