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7 Healthy Husband Lunch Ideas for Work This Week

Take the stress out of making your husband lunches for work with these easy to make, healthy, budget friendly ingredients that are quick to prep for making simple lunches he will love.

vegetable lettuce wraps with dipping sauce lunch idea

Save money and offer your husband tasty lunch ideas that are easy to take to work, but also super simple to make.

These easy lunch ideas offer nutrient dense ingredients that are easy to prep when you want to make healthy lunches to take to work.

What To Make for Lunch for Your Husband at Work?

Making lunches for your husband at work doesn't have to be stressful when you know what ingredients pair well together and stay appetizing through the work day.

Often times husbands need a cold lunch idea that is still tasty and satisfying and yes we are giving you no sandwich ideas he will love to take to work.

roasted chicken

Easy Fast No Sandwich Ideas to Take to Work

If your in the mood for a healthy non-sandwich lunch follow along as we give you 7 healthy husband lunch ideas for work this week.

#1 Rotisserie Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a perfect lunch idea for taking to work because it is easy to make, can be served cold, has simple ingredients, is low budget, and can be served a variety of ways.

Chicken salad is easy to make when you shred a store bought rotisserie chicken to combine with mayo, purple sliced grapes, and minced white onion.

With just 4 easy ingredients you can have enough chicken salad to make a variety of easy meals for the week like chicken salad with crackers and cheese, chicken salad with mixed greens, or chicken salad wraps.

harvesting Bibb lettuce

#2 Summer Lettuce Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

This light and refreshing lunch idea delivers on nutrition, is easy to make, and will give your husband a nice variety to his average lunch.

With fresh produce on hand like carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, avocado, and lettuce you can easily wrap up a quick a lunch to serve with a tasty peanut dipping sauce.

Romaine and Bibb lettuce work great for creating the wrap, but you can also create these using thin cabbage leaves.

To make a quick peanut dipping sauce simply combine peanut butter, fish sauce to taste, and a dash of water to thin out the sauce.

Take these wraps to the next level by adding chilled shrimp or chopped chicken to give an extra boost of protein to this refreshingly light, yet filling work lunch idea.

cheese vegetable quesadilla with avocado

#3 Quick Pork BBQ with Cole Slaw

BBQ may not be your first idea when it comes to making lunches for your husband because it is a meal that is best done slow and low.

However, a pork shoulder can go a long way when making lunches for your husband and is a super budget friendly option when you want to make tasty lunches for work week.

Cooking a small pork shoulder in a Dutch oven can be done quickly by simply seasoning your pork shoulder with salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and a hint of cumin then adding 1-2 cups of water so your meat remains moist plus slicing a whole white onion for extra flavoring.

Once cooked shred the meat and you can make lunches all week like chopped pork BBQ served with cole slaw, cheesy pork quesadillas, carnitas tacos, and even pork BBQ wraps.

dry pasta noodles

#4 Easy Low Ingredient Pasta Salad

A zesty cool pasta salad is a great husband lunch idea that is easy to make with just a handful of ingredients.

Simply combining pasta salad noodles, with sliced cucumbers, and chopped cheddar cheese with Italian dressing and BOOM you have another simple, yet satisfying, cold lunch idea to take to work.

To take this lunch idea to the next level you could even add chopped chicken breast, Italian sausage, chilled shrimp, or grilled kielbasa.

guacamole in bowl with tomatoes lime cilantro on the side

#5 Walking Taco Iceberg Salad

A walking taco salad can be a tasty treat to take to work when your in the mood for something salty, spicy, and filling.

Just simply prepare ground beef or chicken breast to combine with all your favorite taco toppings and serve on an iceberg salad bed served with tortilla chips and avocado.

This is an easy to assemble lunch idea that can be stretched and prepared as a salad making it a healthier alternative to eating tacos with all the same flavors you enjoy.

tuna fish sandwich with tomato and lettuce

#6 Tuna Salad with Avocado Bites

Tuna sandwiches are a classic lunch idea, but you can enjoy this healthy meal and skip the bread to give it a new refreshing spin.

Tuna salad served with crunchy crackers, as a salad, or as a tuna salad wrap are all great alternatives to this classic work lunch idea.

Simply serve tuna salad with sliced avocado or hard boiled eggs to give this easy lunch a tasty flavor combination that hits all the right notes and leaves you feeling full.

mason jar salad

#7 Easy Mason Jar Salad Ideas

Making a mason jar salad is a fun way to combine all your favorite ingredients to make a healthy work lunch.

With endless combinations, your husband can enjoy a variety of flavors made from healthy ingredients that are easy to prep and work well when you need a lunch on the go.

To make your own mason jar salad simply combine your favorite salad ingredients and serve the dressing on the side to maintain a crisp fresh salad.

jar salads

Husband Cold Lunch Ideas to Take to Work

Mix up your husband's work lunches with these easy to make healthy lunch recipe ideas that use simple real food ingredients to make tasty lunches.

Most of these lunch ideas can be meal prepped ahead of time making it even easier to make tasty cold lunch ideas to take to work this week.

Ready to get out of the sandwich for lunch rut?

Try these healthy husband lunch box ideas and take his lunch to the next level with simple ingredients prepared in delightful ways that are sure to bring a smile to his face.

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