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7 Spiritual Anchors To Keep You Grounded As A Homemaker

When you feel like life is spiraling out of control and the heaviness of anxiety begins to settle in consider utilizing these 7 spiritual anchors to keep you grounded.

spiritual anchors to keep me grounded

A spiritual anchor has the ability to keep you grounded and the power to reconnect you with the present moment where happiness is found.

Most of our daily suffering is created in our own minds with feelings of guilt about the past the "should of" "could of" resentments we hold dear or fearing the future with the "what if" scenarios we play out in our minds.

And if you really like to torment yourself living in both the past and the future making it next to impossible to ever fully be present in the moment.

Living in the past or fearing the future can cause your mental health to take a major toll.

Creating simple ways to bring your attention back to the present moment can help alleviate these feelings lessening your daily stress and giving you back the ability to enjoy life.

what are spiritual anchors

How Do I Find My Anchor?

For everyone their anchor is going to be different.

What connects one person to the moment may do nothing for another and that is why it is essential to identify anchors that work specifically for you.

The goal of having an anchor is to have "something" that grounds you and has the ability to bring you back to the present moment restoring your peace of mind.

To find your anchor consider "when do you feel most grounded?"

Experiment with different forms of spiritual anchors and be open to implementing these any time you feel stressed and out of control.

how to ground myself

7 Spiritual Anchors To Restore Your Wellness

When your a homemaker anxiety and depression can easily become your new identity.

Many mothers experience these feelings that are brought on by ongoing stress, limited time for oneself, and isolation from a world we once new.

Having a spiritual anchor when your in the midst of motherhood is essential for keeping you grounded and present in the moment.

If you can relate to feeling anxious and out of control check out these simple spiritual anchors for grounding your mind and bringing you back to the present moment where happiness lies.

spiritual practice meditation

#1 Practice Deep Breathing

Breathing techniques are probably the number one spiritual anchor because it is a grounding approach that is readily available at any time.

Any time you feel anxious you could simply step into the present moment by focusing on your breath and allowing your focus to be centered around your breathing allowing you to calm your nervous system and ground yourself to the present moment.

ground exercise music

#2 Listen To More Music

When you feel yourself spiraling out of control from the thoughts in your mind end your suffering and spiritually ground yourself with music.

Listening to healing music is a simple way to bring you back to the present moment.

Native America music, Celtic music, flutes, drums, singing bowls, and string instruments can provide a deep grounding effect to spiritually anchor yourself.

nutrition spiritual practice wellness

#3 Enjoy Comforting Food

To spiritually ground yourself take presence in creating a wholesome comforting meal that will surely ground you to the moment.

The great thing about preparing food is the ability to bring and keep you in the present moment as you chop and cook preparing a nourishing meal.

Taking the time to then have gratitude before eating a good meal brings you back to the moment again and has the ability to restore your feelings of wellness.

creativity for spiritual wellness

#4 Be Creative

Nothing takes you out of your head like taking the time to focus on doing something creative.

When your in the flow of creativity nothing else matters.

Your thoughts about the past and worries concerning the future have the ability to simply subside.

Take time to ground yourself with this spiritual anchor by being creative like taking the time draw, paint, work on a project, garden, or any other creative outlet that brings you back to the present moment.

how to do barefoot grounding

#5 Be In Nature

Nature is the Universe's ultimate spiritual anchor.

Simply stepping outside and taking in the beauty that surrounds you is an easy way to spiritually ground yourself.

You can even take it a step further by practicing "barefoot grounding" to reconnect yourself to the source and decrease inflammation naturally through the benefits of grounding regularly.

benefits of spiritual anchors

#6 Exercise Often

Exercise can seem like a chore until you understand how beneficial it is to implement regular movement into you daily routine.

Exercise is one of the ultimate spiritual anchors because it utilizes breath and body awareness to take you out of the suffering of your mind and back to the present moment.

Not to mention the release of endorphins gives you a natural high that will leave you feeling mentally accomplished, physically strong, and spiritually grounded.

spiritual anchor journal

#7 Daily Journaling

To feel spiritually grounded you need to reconnect with your inner consciousness.

You need to get in tuned with your hesitations, fears, and the things that are holding you back from living the life you want to lead.

To get in tuned with your inner self consider the daily practice of journaling to ground yourself to the present allowing you to discover your source of happiness.

homemakers mental health spiritual anchor

Spiritual Significance Of Anchors

It's hard to connect spiritually when your mind is in a funk and you feel like your spiraling and suffering daily from anxiety and depression.

Have a spiritual anchor allows you to ground yourself in the present moment and that is where true happiness can be found.

Having a few spiritual anchors you can rely on to ground yourself is significant when you want to lead a more present and happy life.

For homemakers having simple spiritual anchors to rely on when the chaos of motherhood becomes overwhelming is vital to maintaining good mental health.

To get the most out of these spiritual anchors consider practicing these grounding techniques often to maintain your mental wellness and pursue a life of happiness.

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