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Build An Easy Survival Victory Garden For Beginners

Save money on nutrient rich organic foods by creating your own easy survival victory garden.

cabbage head beginner garden

Garden Planning

The first step to having a successful garden is to create a plan.

In your layout consider how much space you have to grow, what types of produce your family enjoys, and do these plants work well for your gardening zone.

Extend your harvest by choosing specific plants that produce all season long and to sow in a succession manner.

tomato garden beginner

How To Extend Your Garden Harvest

To extend your garden harvest you have two options.

Firstly, you can plant in a succession manner.

With succession planting you continue to sow new seeds about every other week, so that you don't have a giant harvest all at once.

This technique allows you to continue to collect a manageable harvest throughout the garden season.

This also allows you to reduce garden waste.

cucumber beginner garden small square foot garden

Secondly, you want to consider planting varieties that produce more than just one harvest.

A great example of this is tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, everbearing strawberries, cucumbers, and green peas.

All of these plants will continue to produce after picking.

As a matter of fact often the more you pick the more the plant produces.

How great is that?

swish chard square foot garden plant

Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is a great layout if you are limited on space.

With square foot gardening you give each plant its minimum space requirements in order to grow a large harvest in a small space.

Square foot gardening is a great approach to creating your first victory garden because you can grow a decent harvest in a small manageable space.

victory garden

What Is A Victory Garden?

A victory garden is the term for gardens that were encouraged to be grown in hard times as a means of survival.

Even though it may be hard to imagine not have food readily available that time could happen.

Having a victory garden allows you have food security, better nutrition, and it will save you money.

With a victory garden you are looking at a larger plot of land to grow enough food to feed you family.

The typical recommendation of a victory garden is 25'-50'.

In a victory garden you are growing all your essentials like sweet corn, onions, carrots, tomatoes, peas, potatoes, beans, onions, and squashes.

Growing a typical victory garden does require more land, effort, and experience but don't let that discourage you.

You can produce a great harvest on a smaller scale and continue to expand as you strengthen your green thumb.

simple backyard garden for beginners

Homesteading For Beginners

If you want to begin homesteading a backyard garden is the perfect place to start.

With gardening you will begin to successfully harvest your own nutrient rich food right from your backyard.

Enjoy creating delicious wholesome meals for your family from ingredients you cultivated.

As you continue your journey into homesteading you can continue to expand your homestead eventually adding on backyard chickens.

With the combination of a garden and backyard chickens you are right on track to becoming a homesteader.

Nothing is more enjoyable than the joy of your own homestead and knowing that you can provide organic nutrient rich foods for your family.

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